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07-11-2012, 06:13 AM
This is not so my worst experience but terriblely bad one,

Now from what I have read here time and time again pugging can get bad at times, sometimes u can pug a fantastic group (only had this once). So I now only to run elite stfs with my fleet unless I am bored then I'll pug it.... Btw I'm a tac in a retro defiant

Anywho I group up with a fleet mate and we que for infected elite space,

As we enter I shout out 'do we all know the 10% rule'

Only get one reply, ' yer no noobs here' . So I think ok we shall see, we take the cube and 2 spheres out in the blink of an eye and then proceed to the left side to work on the cube and genes, as we get them down the 10% my fleet mate states that he is ready and waiting and then we blow them.

While working on the first transformer this one guy 'Klingon I may add' starts using his mouth as a weapon, she shouts the following ' RAGE' followed by 'I want Spock dead..... Nowww'

By this time we had the transformer down and just clearing the spheres and he and someone else darts off the the right side and blows one of the genes, both me and my fleet mate in teamspeak are calling this guy a noob, but while he flys in a circle the cube on the left notices he shiny hull and goes : you , die now... And so this guy insta dies.

The 3 of us clearing the spheres manage to stop the nanites heading to the right, my fleet mate goes ahead with more dps then me to blow the rest of the genes then take the cube, I can handle the nanites, so I proceed to blow one at a time while using my slowly abilities that I have, so I'm dumping tractor beam when I need to and using my graviton pulse gene to slow the group the transformer goes bang, Im thinking thank god that's over.

So my surprise loud mouth comes back with 'anger' 'rage' 'smashes fist into keyboard' and he continues this until the fight is over, we just get optional with 3 seconds spare and the loud mouth goes on a rant again calling us all noobs we sould have done it his way I politely tell him to shut up collect my gear and pick the optional up, mr loud mouth comes in with I done all the work I want all the gear.. We all place in capital letters ROFPMSL, he then replays 'I hate you all' and we leave him be,

After looking back on who got what I realised this guy didn't get anything from the optional and me and my fleet mate laugh about it..

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