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07-11-2012, 07:46 AM
Granted, though I've yet to design a PvP build that doesn't make any PvE venture become so ridiculously boring and easy that I want to put a bullet in my head just to end the suffering.

I don't need to "maximize for PvE" if my PvP build will finish any STF + bonus in half (or less) the time of even conventional PvE parties.

Though while against a Tac Cube, gates, or Donatra the Gal-X Alpha, it is an instant-kill for ordinary cubes, which any other ship would spend 30+ seconds duking out with. As you mentioned, ridiculous overkill for the spheres and probes.

I stand by my statement. If it works in PvP, it is overpowered for anything PvE can throw at it.

Every rule has exceptions. But doesn't make them completely invalid.

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