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# 1 Bonuses from DOFF levels?
07-12-2012, 01:00 AM
I admit, for quite awhile, I've felt like DOFF levels...well, aren't that useful. Aside from another title they grant, and getting a free DOFF, there isn't much more than that. Only Diplomacy/Marauding seems to be of any good. I just think that if there was more use to gaining levels in things, people would be further inclined to do DOFF missions.

Also, each character class should have an innate bonus to their respective area in DOFF stuff. Like an engineer would get a bonus to engineering missions, because they already most of the stuff that is going to be going on.

Now, my basic thought on this, is that as you do DOFF missions, your people return (or not if they died ), and tell you about what happens. I believe that this, in turn, would help your character to 'learn'.

Most of these bonuses are going to be just passive, general things, some of which will affect DOFF missions, some of which will just be useful to anybody. Some might be abilities, and others are going to be only from getting multiple levels up.

Getting anything to level 4: A slightly better starting success/critical success on missions of that type. Possibly a smaller bonus to any other mission type, but it would stack as well, making it a little easier to level up other areas.

Also special missions that might only unlock once you get to level four, for only those who have enough knowledge in that area should do them.

Diplomacy/Marauding: A-ok as is, don't need to alter these here.

Military: Slightly greater damage dealt with everything.

Espionage: A boost to stealth abilities, maybe a little less threat generation.

Engineering: Fewer commodities needed for DOFF missions, greater personal shield strength.

Exploration: A permanent boost to Driver Coils.

Colonial: Either one less colonist needed for colonial chain missions or upon the success or critical success of one, you gain back one of those colonists.

Science: Greater chances of getting larger amounts of crafting mats when you scan an anomaly, including a higher chance of rare traces.

Medical: Better heals, more base health. Possibly a 'first aid kit' ability to use on a person, either as a quick lesser heal usable on anyone, or as a better/quicker revival ability.

Trading: Lower prices to buy at vendors, while selling higher. Would have no effect on player-to-player trading or the exchange. Better monetary or commodity rewards from trading/haggling missions.

Development: This is really the only one I am not sure about.

Recruitment: Naturally better chances of getting good DOFFs from any recruitment mission, possibly even at level 4 being able to choose your DOFF sometimes depending on the mission (like if it is an Asylum mission).

Everything to level 4: Better exp gained on any mission, a special title, a single choice of nearly any DOFF (which would be bound of course).

Also, I think that at least some DOFF levels should be a pre-requisite for getting above Vice Admiral/Lt. General, whether or not the level cap is increased. Primarily you would need Diplomacy/Marauding, otherwise it'd look something like this:

Quinn: Vice Admiral, your deeds are noteworthy, but Starfleet is still about negotiation and peace, I feel like you don't have enough experience in that yet. If you gain enough, then contact me again.

J'mpok: Lt. General, you have fought in glorious combat for the Empire, but I do not feel you have earned the same honor and respect for your crew yet. Once you have done so, contact me again.

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