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I'm a big fan of the Ferengi space set. When used the right way it's a very effective set that isn't overpowered. I do think that the set powers need to be spruced up, however.

Having two pieces gives you Sector Space Tycoon which gives you a 20% discount at space vendors.

Having three pieces gives you A Lifetime of Experience which adds a 10% commendation XP bonus. If you're in a D'Kora you also get Friends in High places which is access to a special doff mission.

I stopped buying from space vendors after 3 days of playing the game because I found I could either replicate items or find way better in enemy drops. Unless you're starting a new toon anything to do with space vendors is useless. Even more so considering the fact that you can't use this ship with a new toon.

A Lifetime of Experience is OK but it's nothing great.

I was excited when I first gained access to Friends in High Places. I was excited at the prospect of gaining cool items as a result of this mission. Disappointment followed when I started to realise that all you get from this is really easily obtainable gamma commodities. And it costs you 500 GPL.

Considering that you need to use lockbox keys to obtain enough lobi to purchase these bind on pickup items AND the fact that one power only activates on a D'Kora I think these powers need a huge update.

Here are my suggestions for making the powers more appealing to the average punter whilst keeping in line with the Ferengi feel of the set.

* A Lifetime of Experience should be kept, but it should be the two piece power.

* Having three pieces should give you access to a special GPL store when you talk to Ferengi merchants. They could sell items like dual system consumables or other items that aren't game changing but exclusive to this system.

* Revamp Friends in High Places to give you meaningful items. Maybe offer doffs, weapons and consoles, all unbound. Treat this power like you've access to shady people.

Considering that this set (and ship) can only be gained by money being paid to PWE I think the powers should reflect this. I have no issue if the powers are non-combat related, but please, PWE, make them worthwhile.
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07-11-2012, 12:33 PM
Another great idea, that will most likely be ignored/over looked.

Would finally make Latinum worth something.

And agreed, for the price of obtaining the set.. it has a pretty lousy "bonus".
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07-12-2012, 03:26 AM
I think this set should be revamped to something that helps the non-combat aspect of the game. Being Ferengi themed it should reflect the player side of the economy.

2-piece bonus: A Lifetime of Experience

Passive +10% commendation bonus

3-piece bonus: Sector Tycoon

This is a 'call freighter' ability. It summons a ferengi trading ship. It is essentially a dilithium and latinum item store ship that offers 20% cheaper prices.

Remove the special ability that works only on the d'kora.. its just stupid to grant financial bonus to those that own one lockbox ship. Instead have the bonus to those using this on the d'kora to be a 'flee' trickster ability that is basically a very powerful jam sensors+warp plasma-like snare ability (but no damage).

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