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07-12-2012, 08:15 AM
almost happened again last night with IGE. Had one guy popping off shield generators left and right. Any time I'd get a clear shot there would be a shield in the door way. At one point he put up a shield and trapped a team member in it and they had to wait out the game until it went away.

dude threw up a shield on captain ogden that trapped him 1/2 in the shield and made him unable to be targeted. So we had to wait for the shield to disappear before we could kill him. When I told him to be careful with the shields he came back that we has helped us with Ogden.

Get tot the final room and he immediately spawns pets and agro's the whole room. Then when we all had to respawn he told us jumpers we need to move faster on the consoles. When we did the second run I noticed when he died (we won't get into the list of damage his toon has listed) I noticed other team members were ignoring his calls for help. I think it helped the team. Had he gotten the PSG at the end I was going to kill someone.

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