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# 1 Features we miss in the STO
07-12-2012, 04:12 AM
Just an humble list of possible small features we really miss in the STO.

About the Mail system:

1 - The "Copy" button: You receive ingame a important mail and want to share to another person, mainly fleet-related. And because this, you have to write down the entire mail in the notepad or other place and control C, Control V in the mail compose window.

If the Mail system have a simple, small and usefull "copy" button, you can copy your mail easily and place right to other person to ready, and edit if necessary, to add or remove information. Is only text, but we miss the copy feature!

2 - The "Export" Button: Be directly: If you have the option to salve in your computer a text file with your mail content, can help a lot. Or send a copy directly to your e-mail, related with your game account.

3 - Better Item notify! If you are distant of any mail machine, you can miss easily if someone send you by mail a item or more. Sometimes the mail system can't show rightly if you have items, because the server lag or graphical problems. Please, place a small line in the end or head of the mail: "This message have item(s)!".

About Fleet Bank System

1 - Right to place in the bank system any non-bounded Bridge officer. The reason is simple: If you are playing in the STO for some time, you can have a large amount of Bridge Officers in your ship roster. Yes, you can send any of them in the mail directly to other person, but in a Fleet, you have to resolve in more easily way some questions.

If in the Fleet Bank you can place Bridge officers (or have this feature in the Starbase banks!) any member of your fleet, if necessary, can take your Bridge Officer directly of the fleet bank (or starbase) and use.

2 - "Organize" Button! Ok, if you are the founder, director or something-important in your fleet and don't have limit to deposit and retire items, you can clean and organize your fleet bank spending some time. But if possible, place a small organize button, like the Player's Inventory like the Tribble Server. This can help us a little

3 - Deposit and Retire filters! Ok, be directly: Filters like "all", "uncommon", "rare", "very rare", "Consummables", "Packs" can be really nice. Like a "check" button to turn on or off any filter, to deposit and other filter to retire, to help the fleed admin to keep the house clean, ok?

About Exchange System

1 - Exchange for fleets! With the Starbase system, the individual work in the exchange become more simple if the Fleet Admin can use the Fleet EC to buy officialy items in the exchange, or have a "special" exchange, with a different kind of items for fleet-only to trade with others fleets. Without spamming or other unwanted kinds in the common exchange

You can trade dutys, Bridge Officers or others things donated from your fleet members, to collect EC or others items in the "Fleet exchange" to help to improve your starbase build. If In game each starbase works close to others planets, having a special kind of exchange for fleet can be a good feature.

2 - A unique, clear and better organized Duty Exchange! A Exchange with Faction filter and a better visual can helps. If you have a button to expand and close the type of Duty and have a filter to see or not to see if Duty A is from KDF or FED, can help a lot.

3 - Item countdown! Ok, think this: If someone place a item in the Exchange and forget this: The exchange window can show, close of the name a countdown in days about the remove from the system.

Systems we miss:

1 - Auction system: Different from Exchange, you have only 3 or 7 days to place a bid to take the item. The owner place the start bid and the takedown price, to imediate buy.

2 - Converting a Duty in a Bridge Officer. If is common become a common bridge officer, if is rare, blue, etc.

3 - Special Skill: Fleet Support using your others ships in your ship roster.
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# 2
07-12-2012, 10:43 AM
THe only thing I see that really pops out at me is the FLeet BOFF transfer. THat would be nice, create a tabbed system for the fleet banks and allow ONE of the tabs to be a DOFF/BOFF Lounge as they await re-assignment to a new CO.

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