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# 1 Missing ZEN
07-12-2012, 05:23 PM
I purchased ZEN last night. The transaction displayed as successful, not held or in-progress. However, my ZEN balance has never updated and has yet to be available for STO before. I have purchased ZEN on my PWE account before and never had this issue.

I tried submitting a PWE ticket but am unable to because I cannot select a product from their dropdown.

This is extremely frustrating as the dilithium exchange market is very volatile and profitable today. In the last 20 minutes alone, I would have been able to turn a 14% profit had the transaction cleared.

That's over 700 lost ZEN due to ZEN that I purchased, that my transaction history shows as purchased. It says: "Completed - Your transaction was successfully completed." I made the purchase yesterday. However my ZEN balance shows as 0.

I lost an easy 700 ZEN that I could have made from trading had my ZEN turned up. It makes me very anxious in this case because the ZEN appears in my transaction history but not in my balance. I can't transfer it into STO because it isn't in my wallet and because my two balances (transaction history balance and actual balance) contradict one another.

I understand and support the transition to ZEN but my inability to file PWE support tickets and disappearing ZEN balance are not an auspicious start to this transition, particularly when it's costing me additional gains on the exchange.

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