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# 1 bunch of bugs
07-13-2012, 02:55 AM
* Questionnaire Consoles don't work in klingon academy (perhaps neither in SFA)

* the interaction radius is borked throughout the game (I suspect 2 are related), good example dkora bridge. Exchange is now accessible only far left corner of the small room. You can still see the "exchange" button at the door step, but nothing happens when you click.

* doff console on jem'hadar bug not accessible by other ppl in the same faction. The interaction icon is there, and Select Craft and access bank is there to. But no interaction button for the doff console. This has been bugged forever and now it's finally broken completely.

* FleetMarks for CXP assignment not there.

* Foundry not there

* DOFF shredder is not there

* Not all Sector Space assignments are propagated to the bridge: I see "Instigate Defection" in sector, but not on my bridge. (More grind for all of us I suppose?) Same with officer exchanges. So it is a major grind. Sadly.

* please please plase make all items for fleet projects donatable with the slider, otherwise is just a pain donating datasamples and traces... This is a space combat game after all...

* fleet and pve buttons on minimap are too small for the use that they get, compared to the big zenstore and dil store buttons

Further down:

* Pretty much all end game content award dil. Why all the S6 events do not?

* Drop issues in NO WIN. We tried nowin yesterday off public q: only 4 persons got in for some reason, first wave yielded 3 kar'fis and small spam (ololo), and the drop for first wave was 2 yellow alpha quadrant commodities? Seriously.

* Auto complete not working throughout the game: good example on bridge invitation.

* "Enter" no longer selects items from the Intellisense drop down. Typed "/bind_load", selected "bind_load_file" pressed "enter". nuthin' happened.

* You can feed a doff currently on assignment to a fleet project. Nothing happens, but it would be best if he's not displayed as a choice.
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