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# 1 my season 6 eng tac oddy setup
07-13-2012, 07:38 AM
Goal: This ship is designed to do everything. 4k min DPS, tank tac cubes, heal friendlies in no-win, blockade, and fleet action, and succeed.

Power setup: 100 weapons, 45 shield, 25 engines, 30 aux

Fore weapons:

3 antiproton cannon
1 antiproton dual beam bank

rear weapons:

4 AP turret

BOff setup

DOff setup:

2x beam energy weapons officers

1x exocomp

2x tac team conn officer


ENG: 3x neutronium 1x borg

SCI: 1x Chevron Sep 2x Field Gen

TAC: 3x Antiproton damage boost

Strategy: I would keep chevron sep going 99% of the time, docking the saucer only when I desperately need the extra hull and shields. This will give me a substantial DPS and turn boost.

The 3 cannons + both cannon rapid fire will give this ship a boost to single-target sustained DPS, the Dual Beam Banks + Beam overload would give spike single-target DPS.

Any advice or criticism would be appreciated

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