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# 20 My wallet hurts
07-13-2012, 10:53 AM
OK, lets see if i understand this correctly..

I wanted to pvp and pve, so i needed a tier 5 ship that was competitive. That used to mean, BUY the retrofits from the c-store and equip them with dilithium gear. All real money mind you since i don't have 22.5 hrs a day to play.

Now my tier 5 c-store ships are no longer going to be competitive in pvp because the fleet variants are where it's at. That means grinding fleet currency (another friggin currency.. ) so i can earn the right to BUY a z-store upgrade token for the c-store ships that i already BOUGHT with real money.

All this, while I'm still paying a subscription...

Seriously.. wtf are you guys trying to do to me? I feel cheated on my c-store ships now and i have no desire to try to keep up with the new crap you want me to buy.

I hate to say it, I really really do. But you guys are actually hurting my feelings here. I know it seems silly, but I've gone to bat for you guys on many occasions. I've defended you on the forums over those damned lock boxes and c-store console ships, but this is actually going to be it for me. I'm officially going to back off for awhile and see how this pans out.

I will certainly miss the pvp and the fancy new ships, but I can't keep throwing away my money. I may even reduce my sub to the silver membership as there really isn't any point in paying if all I'm going to do is the occasional story mission or role play since i won't grind for gear I have to buy anyhow on a PER CHARACTER basis.

Heck, I don't even know why I bothered to write all of this since it's not likely to be read by anyone that could do anything to fix it. Maybe if it was in chinese, but alas.. i've spent all my time grinding dilithium and stf gear for my c-store ships that aren't even competitive anymore, so i never had time to learn chinese..

I'm going to shut up and go sit quietly for awhile while i consider the last two years of my life.

Thank you for the good times we've had. I wish we could get back to those days soon, but you're not leaving me much hope. Perhaps there is a way i could grind for six months and then pay you for a token to get some hope?


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