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No just lose their hair

Id be more impressed with sisko if he had KILLED Q
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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
Would that mean they also become ultimate bad*****, punch godlike beings around and get all the ladies?
If you are a pickle in a pickle jar you know every pickle's different, sort of, but really they're all just pickles...
They taste the same.
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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
I had not caught that:

January 7th, 2011 - Dstahl is getting tired of the all the KDF complaints: "If you don't like the speed at which the car is moving - your options are to jump out or watch the DVD in the back seat and eat some cheerios." AND: "Overnight armchair quarterbacks aside, the dev team is constantly improving the KDF for the 12% of our player base who play them."

I wonder what the number is now.
The last number publicly cited as far as I know was that 18% of the player base had created a KDF toon. This was in April of 2012.

Note, this does not mean 18% of the population plays KDF.. Only that 18% of the population had at least at some point spent couple minutes one day and made a KDF toon.

While the fact that more people tend to play on the Federation side only is often discussed by players, we learned that only 18% of all STO players have made a Klingon -- this number was surprising and disappointing because there have been many updates to the "red" side since launch.
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This entire thread makes my p3n1s shrivel.

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