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yep....after downloading big patches, going through the hell that is tech support, updating everything possible in my computer to resolve certain reoccuring disconnect issues, finally getting to play for brief moments of time, and really digging the new features STO had put in....i find myself in the same predicament about a few thousand of us are already experiencing.....huge lag, overcrowding servers, slow map loading times, timeouts from the login server, and generally, a huge increase in the number of players that are joining the game daily since PWE was gracious enough to let us play for free.....

Now, with all the new content, new players, and just plain new stuff....I feel that it's time for whomever or wherever the central server center for STO to add a few more blades to the mainframe to compensate for the traffic increase.

this is not really a rant, more of a helpfull suggestion (which you'll probably ignore anyway) to raise the quality of life for the game tenfold....more blades = more players = more money rolling in = less server strain (disconnect/frustrating headaches) during peak hours = lots of happy player cashcows. (simple concept.....huge rewards)
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