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07-11-2012, 07:46 AM
Granted, though I've yet to design a PvP build that doesn't make any PvE venture become so ridiculously boring and easy that I want to put a bullet in my head just to end the suffering.

I don't need to "maximize for PvE" if my PvP build will finish any STF + bonus in half (or less) the time of even conventional PvE parties.

Though while against a Tac Cube, gates, or Donatra the Gal-X Alpha, it is an instant-kill for ordinary cubes, which any other ship would spend 30+ seconds duking out with. As you mentioned, ridiculous overkill for the spheres and probes.

I stand by my statement. If it works in PvP, it is overpowered for anything PvE can throw at it.

Every rule has exceptions. But doesn't make them completely invalid.
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07-11-2012, 07:55 AM
To the OP....omfg spell checker man.....i mean its friggin built into the formus.
To have the grammatical errors in all of the posts you put out you are simply ignoring the spell checker function.

Also walls of text are fail and i miss the coolass ninja suit pic you used to have.

I do agree that the Gal-R has gotten the short end of the stick as it were. But i have hopes for the Fleet version. Unfortunately Cryptic is very adept at dashing the hopes of our player base.

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07-13-2012, 12:15 PM
Lets be fair here... Cryptic seems to think Federation Cruisers are turtles only. The KDF equivalents to these ships out turn us in every case. So yes the Gal-R and Gal-X have the worst turn-rate. Same as the Odyssey... 6. The Sovy and Star Cruiser both are ahead a whopping 1 Base-Turn-Rate at 7.

The Odyssey makes a better ship because, it has better BOff arrangements. I know someone was wanting to replace the Ens Engineer for a LtCmdr Science... yeah... no. LtCmdr Engineer for LtCmdr Science would be far more appropriate as that would unfairly give the Gal-R two more abilities Try again LOL. If they did switch those two (LtCmdr Sci and Eng) it would probably draw more attention to her, but that's the layout I hope they give the Ambassador.

Why not run:
Cmdr Eng: EPtW 1, RSP 1, EPtS 3, APtSIF 3
LtCmdr Eng: EPtW 1, (Free Power), EPtS 3
Ens Eng: ET 1
Lt Sci: HE 1, TSS 2
Lt Tact: BO 1/HYT 1, FAW 2/BO 2

Not touching Consoles because some people still think a Fed Cruiser needs to turn for some odd reason. If you want to tank/support ditch RFC, RCS, go Armor up, move Assimilated Console to Eng, free up slots for your Shield Cap and Regen.

But regardless. The Science Odyssey is the best Tank in game... So the Gal-R is unfavorable. As an Engineer it makes too much sense, even a Tactical Captain should go this route LOL. Between the Sci-Ody, Excelsior, and Assault Cruiser all of the Fed Cruiser roles are pretty well spoken for in regards to better base turn, better BOff arrangements, the Gal-R just doesn't have anything.
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07-13-2012, 02:32 PM
Originally Posted by dan6526 View Post
Lets be fair here... Cryptic seems to think Federation Cruisers are turtles only. The KDF equivalents to these ships out turn us in every case.
Basically yes.

I'm not sure why the devs specifically design Fed cruisers as turtles and turtles only and then design KDF battle cruisers to basically be better at the game in nearly every mechanical way.
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07-13-2012, 06:19 PM
Originally Posted by aurigas7 View Post
Well, I think the Galaxy has just a crappy BO layout. I like ships that are as close to canon as possible, and the Galaxy ingame doesn't reflect that. It is an exploration ship, mostly tasked with science and exploration in the tv show.
Lt Commander science instead of the Ensign eng. and I would fly it. Turnrate is ok for a fat cruiser.
This was my exact suggestion in the other thread. Basically a Lt. Com. Sci slot would give it some teeth without turning it into something it isn't. It even makes a lot more sense canonically.

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