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It blows.

This is an interesting little thing from what we have for specs but its going to take a while to get because it requires T4 Shipyard.

Basically we have

Aquarius Destroyer vs Fleet Aquarius Destroyer

Requirements: 200K Fleet Marks (20K + 4 FSM for Fleet)
Fore/Aft Weapons: 4/2 (4/2)
Base Hull: 24000 (26400)
Shield Modifier: 0.66 (0.72)
Base Crew: 50 (50)
Base Turn: 16 (16)
Device Slots: 2 (2)

Boff Stations: Cmdr Tactical / Lt. Cmdr Tactical / Lt Eng / Lt Eng / Ensign Eng
Consoles 3x Eng / 4x Tac / 2x Sci (4x Eng / 4x Tac / 2x Sci)


Right away, I think Tank Escort but only 2 Aft Weapons is a bit weird for a T5 Ship.
Also has lower hull / shields than a Advanced Escort. Is this supposed to be even remotely good?

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