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Originally Posted by dapperdrake View Post
Do you mean disruptor is not useful energy?
In my case I'm using disruptor because it's less using by players...
All the Flavors of weapons are great on the ground. The main idea to focus on, is to make sure you have two guns of different flavors equip. It doesn't matter if other players use the same flavor of weapons as you. Adaptation is to you specific.

Originally Posted by dapperdrake View Post
Borg Medical Analyzer is really expensive more than 20 million By the way I don't know where people can get it except in exchange.
Yes the Borg Medical Analyzer is an expensive kit. Without it you will just have to consider the team you are running with and adapting your role. Look at this tip by Cryptic and it might help you with the options you have during an STF run (Click Here).

Originally Posted by mandrake45 View Post
All the splitbeams are in the stf store, just a lot have been misnamed miniguns for some reason. check the stats, if it says auto-targetting beam as the secondary, it's a splitbeam no matter what it's called.
Thank you for the information.

Originally Posted by mandrake45 View Post
I'll throw in another vote for Analyst, it's my go to kit for anything except boss fights. You also skipped Operative which is about on par with fire team, especially with the issues plasma grenades can cause.
The Analyst kit by no means is a bad kit. Keep in mind that my rating is based on over all functionality in STFs. You might find a lot of use out of the Analyst kit, but in an overall consideration, you can find some of the useful abilities of the Analyst kit on other kits. These other kits have a slightly better or much better overall diversity. With the right high damage dealing team and no Borg Medical Analyzer the Analyst kit would be the best kit to choose. So by no means is Analyst bad!

On the other hand the Operative kit is probably one of the worst kits in the game for STFs. It appears to have something to offer, but I will explain the issue with the kit. The success that people believe they are experiencing is false. Quite often this kit gets you killed faster. Let us examine each of the abilities on the kit:
  1. Ambush III - This is a great skill for those one hard hits to finish off a borg.
  2. Stealth Module III - With the Borg's perception you are not going to get far using this skill and how often do you plan on shooting the borg, while running around cloaked?
  3. Lunge III - Get you right in the middle of those borg. This might seem desirable and could be a great way to reduce damage. BUT: Lunging the Heavy Tactical drone can quite often get you killed very fast by a simple Tactical Drone that now can deal Flank shots.
  4. Battle Strategies III - This is a great Damage increase modifier.
So you have two good skills and two bad skills for STF.
Compare this to the Fire Team kit:
  1. We already looked at Ambush and Battle Strategies.
  2. Supressing Fire III - It reduces the damage the borg does. It is active for 16 seconds and has a 24 second cooldown from the point you start it (8 second gap). The damage reduction effect on the borg that you shoot, lasts between 5 and 9 seconds, depending on your Advanced Tactics skill. With enough skill points you can sustained the damage reduction indefinitely. Combine that with a split beam or the Omega Gun's Secondary fire, and you have a bunch of borg that are not doing as much damage. Imagine two or three Tactical Officer's running this, and stacking damage reduction on the borg. With 3 points in Advanced Tactics you get a 38% decrease in incoming damage. With 5 points you get a 59% decrease in incoming damage. This is almost on par with a dampening field. And it can be sustained!
  3. Plasma Grenade III - This is by no means a useless ability. You will want to know when to use your plasma grenade. It will stun the borg and stop them from shooting at you for up to 10 seconds. This is great for Cure Turrets or Elite Tactical Drones. If you are taking down Armek the slow way, then you will want to avoid using the Plasma grenades. In Infected it will stop the borg from advancing to you when you are drawing them, so wait until they are well in range, and then pop this grenade and you will get some short relief from incoming fire.

Operative kit on par with Fire team kit would be blasphemy!

Originally Posted by mandrake45 View Post
As to buying Mk XI gear with chips, that's something I completely disagree with. The integrated remod is the most valuable thing you get from the sets and you should be getting that ASAP. Unless you get lucky with drops first, drop the 60 EDCs for the Mk X set then get Mk XI from tech drops. Also, don't use EDCs for a set item unless you can complete the set there and then, with the exception of the HG grenade launcher if you're KDF.
If you plan to Run STFs in Normal mode for a while, the Mk X might be a consideration, if you receive the common borg tech drops. With the Armor Load out I listed above, a good weapon selection, decent skill point placement, and strategic play style the Elite STFs are within anyone's reach. That is a big requirement but even Normal STFs are not going to be fun, if you completely miss one of these 4 areas, in any case.

If someone feels comfortable with Elite STFs then the Mk X set is a waste. And here is the reason: If you run elite missions then Mk X sets are only available through EDCs. That means a full Mk X set would cost you 60 EDCs. That would require at least 30 Elite STF runs (on non Wednesday runs). With some tests it took me between 80 and 150 runs to acquire a full Mk XII set (Test done over 5 characters). A full Mk XI set never took more than 40 Runs.
I have always received some Rare Borg Tech drop within a 40 run period. In most instances I have received multiples in the first 40 runs. If I was going to grind out my MK X set I would probably only have to do 10 more runs and I could have a Mk XI set.
If I purchase the Mk X set, then I start all over with EDCs. I therefore never recommend going for the Mark X set. The Mark XI set at worst takes 60 runs. If you decide to continue chasing after that Mk XII set you will have enough Rare Borg Techs to equip all of your away team. So don't worry about them just yet.

There is something to be said for running STFs on Normal for a bit. Each STF has a game style you have to play. There are several games per STF and the games usually follow the similar style per STF. The game styles are different in each of the Khitomer, Infected, and Cure STFs . It is a good idea to figure out what the limits, weaknesses, and faults are of each game. All of the games have been designed to require teamwork. How much of a teamwork you need, depends on the strengths of the individual members.

In my opinion the remodulators are a great component to STFs. They can really be helpful in learning STFs. One of the biggest issues I have observed from people running STFs is no Crouching (C key), Aiming (X key), or taking Hard Cover. Taking Hard cover means hiding behind a box or wall. Remodulators play into this idea. Use your first weapon until you get adapted to and then press Z and use your second weapon. Once the second weapon is adapted to, take Hard Cover and remodulate. This is a GREAT step! Your shields should regenerate, if you don't take damage for 3 seconds, and remodulation takes 4 seconds. This is a great way to increase your survivability. Most people just jam that primary fire and never consider setting a rhythm to the STF. Gaining such a rhythm in a team, allows sharing of the Agro between all the teammates.

There is also Defera where you can collect resources from killing the borg. Don't run the missions just yet. Go straight out of the camp and just kill the borg in the courtyard. If you collect 50 of each of the resources you can go to the crafter inside the camp (he is behind the crates) and craft yourself a Fractal Remodulator that has a 3 second remodulation. This remodulator is not bound, and you only ever need 1. You can just mail it back and forth between your characters.

I will make this my final post on this thread. I hope my input has been helpful to those who are looking for information. Good Luck!

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