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Just thinking out loud. It would be kind of cool if there were a bonus for those doing Deferi dailies to be able to get there a little faster.

I was thinking something along the lines of an accolade for completing X number of each of the Deferi dailies. So, you've got the 3 dailies, and they all take a while to complete, so this would maybe not be the easiest accolade & bonus to get. Effectively it would take 100+ days.

My thought was that it would keep tallies of each daily in the set, maybe you'd get sub-accolades for each one when you hit completing each like 100 times. And once you complete ALL THREE 100 times, you'd get the Hero of the Deferi accolade and open up a "Transwarp to Defera System" option, similar to those opened up by your Diplomatic XP ranks. That way it would make it slightly easier to get to the Deferi dailies without having to "go the long way." A little bonus for those who've kept at it daily for a long @$$ time. Might make it slightly easier to dilithium grind for the "new economy" what with all the DOFFs from the academies, and upgrading DOFFs and starbase construction projects seemingly requiring dilithium these days.

I just think it would be a cool little tchotchke...

Anyone else think this would be nifty? Complete all 3 Deferi dailies 100x each to get an accolade + transwarp to Defera System bonus?


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