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Originally Posted by attizz View Post
Orion Pirates? There are some Orion doing this, but not all of them. That is true for the Nausicaan too like in ENT. So i don't get your point. They are both not members of the federation.
Where ? I've never seen anything close to being a 'traditional' pirate in ST:O including the Breen in Defera sector. All they do is disable transports and wait around to be killed.

In other games pirates disable your ship then strip it, which doesn't happen anywhere in the ST:O universe that I know of.
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I was speaking about the series .

What do you mean with a traditional pirate?

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My five cents to this, is that one can immerse ones mind into a rpg-setting of some sorts.
My character is ofc technically a Starfleet Officer, but off the record she is dealing in contrabands, making use of non-reglementary equipment, like Borg upgrades. I.e. Flying around in a Ferengi (w/Borg-tech) Marauder doing non-sanctioned Section 31-stuff. At least that is what she calls it when someone gets to nosy, and she can't silence them.
Who knows what kind of interspecie 'diplomacy' she conducts in her private quarters while nobody is watching. She's a hardcore dabo gambler, stealing goldpressed latinum from Ferengi traders, as if it was candy from a kid. Her privat account is filled up pretty good for someone that is supposed to be straight as a newly pressed shirt.
Her eye was recently cut out during a ferocious battle, leaving her pretty face quite scarred. Was it during her her official duties, or somewhere in between? Only Kerayz and a few of her closest crewmembers know for sure.
Kerayz is making well sure that she cannot get in trouble by the sanctimonious Starfleet administration. She has positioned herself as a Vice-Admiral, Section 31 Operative, High-ranking Diplomat on one side, and infamously renown within the shadows of society regarding smuggling, assasinations, etc, etc. Everyone knows that if Kerayz gets in trouble, there will be galactic war throughout dimensions and empires.

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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
Orion PIRATES, aren't in STO.
if you knew the star trek universe you would know that the orion syndicate was orion pirates

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