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So, very new player here, and I'm a bit confused about the game's expectations. Started playing with a friend, made a science officer to try it out, mostly playing pretty casually. Finished the first klingon story arc okay, moving on to the Romulan one. Suddenly it seems like the difficulty curve shot up. Ground combat's fine, but space combat seems to involve me getting blown up repeatedly, and the only way to progress seems to be either 'death-zerging' til I kill enough to survive or repeat the earlier missions to get gear and/or money to buy gear with.

Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, I don't know, but it feels like the difficulty and progression curve just shot sharply upwards, and it's making the game feel a lot less fun for me. I've only been playing a few days, so it's not like I've got good equipment or anything, I realise that, but trying to move forward to solve that problem either through boring repitition or un-fun repeated death doesn't make me want to continue.

Even trying to play with my friend doesn't seem to help, unless the match level thing is screwing us - either way if I match up to his level, or him down to mine in his bigger ships, still results in me, or often us both just blowing up, respawning, kill something, repeat.

So does the game just get harder at higher levels, do I need to grind gear, or am I just doing it wrong?

PS: Is the mission tracker really this useless? I can't figure out for the life of me how to add or remove things from it other than 'make primary' which doesn't always even work if the tracker's full of old junk.

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