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# 1 Voice overs
07-15-2012, 12:58 AM
According to recent interviews with cryptic development, they still think it is infeasible to introduce voice overs (e.g. for bridge commanders). They said they would have to record hundreds of voices for the bridge crew alone. This is just a flimsy excuse!! I would be happy enough if they only introduced two voice overs (male/female) for the bridge crew as a start. Those players who dont like it are welcome to turn it off. But those who want to enjoy the story like me...well at least i cannot enjoy stories if there are no voice overs. It just feels cheap to read some dump text. I would even pay ZEN, if I could get voice overs.

I still haven't seriously played the Klingon missions because the old ones have no voice overs. Not even unique characters and mission givers in the storyline have voice overs! Cryptic when are you ever going to renovate the missions? I cant be so damned hard to record some the voice overs. If you dont have money to enlist actors do it urself like Blizzard does!

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