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I agree that some of the comments I have heard around Drozana have made me want to shut off local chat, but overall I think the craziness is a welcome relief from the constant grinding of dil or fleet marks. It reminds me of being back in high school

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Originally Posted by lomax6996 View Post
but you're gonna freak if they happen to get exposed to anything sexual? To something that is healthy, happy and quite normal. That is NOT destructive, NOT harmful... just fun?!?

Are you serious??

What are you... a time traveler from the Victorian era???

...Go away!
Pedophile apologist spotted.
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Also, that isn't what "jingoistic" means. Don't pretend to be smarter than you are.
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If ever there was a good example of why boards need a method of reporting posts... yikes...
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This thread has now most definitely run its course, and isn't providing any constructive feedback or discussion, so due to this as well as the nature of the original post and high number of flaming/trolling posts; I'm closing this thread down.

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