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# 16 Second Wave
07-16-2012, 01:35 AM
I have had the same problem and tried 4 times yesterday with a Fed Character. I doubled checked everything - all was correct but after the Loriss cutscene the first mission box reverts to 'go to DS9' but I still have the 'Flee Circus' box with 'Warp to Bayor.' A 'Contact DS9 Button' flashes up briefly and disappears. You cannot report it and you can wait for ever. In one attempt I flew around while waiting and the 'Dreadnought' fleet appeared from the 'Worm Hole.'
I have done this mission many times without a problem, the day before I did it with my KDF character and had the same problem on the first attempt but it went through the second time ever though I failed two of the conference objectives and lost two of the 4 Fed shipments in the escape sequence. I need the Jem'Hadar ground set for this Character so I hope it is resolved soon!

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