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Long answer:

It's nice to have something to do with my fleet buddies who play infrequently and at hours where the whole fleet isn't on. Just leave the little stuff (BoP's and Raptors) to the lowbie ships. Go for the chunkier targets.
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Originally Posted by grtiggy View Post
you not seen the rank ratio of folks on the server? there are more VA's than any other rank in the game, you rank way to fast to be a low level for more than a few hours.
its possible to be LT for weeks
even years
just don't "hammer down" the leveling
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Originally Posted by boglejam73 View Post
I understand some people like the challenge of bringing a Miranda to a fleet action, but it isn't really fair to the others in the event.

You don't have the weapon slots or the hull strength to contribute to the fight and spend more time dead than alive, killing the group ability to earn fleet marks. You also mess up the already crappy loot drops. Instead of mk X and mk XI, you'll see mk II gear.

Would like to see Cryptic institute a rule that for any public queue event that requires a level 50 player, the players have to bring at least Tier 4 ships.

If you want to F up the already F'd up fleet mark grind, do it in a private event.
I agree with everything the OP said.

I can't even begin to count the missions (STF's, or new fleet stuff) that were failed due to some goon bringing in a T1 ship. Most of the time, we just BARELY miss the time limit.
15+ minutes ending in no loot for anyone (marks, tech, salvage, etc...)

At that point, that person just wasted 4 other people's time. Had he/she brought at least a T4 ship, we could've finished it in time.

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