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so i played Nukara on Tribble and reported this with all the bug report mumbo jumbo i could think of.
now i'm playing it on Holodeck, same error.

at least on the surface the Framerate keeps dropping slowly until it becomes a slideshow.

i beam down, shoot some tholians for 15 - 30 minutes
i notice the framerate is getting constantly lower, no biggie i turn down my max details to min details, but almost no change in FPS... hrrrm...

maybe there are just too many players in the zone for my system to handle?
i change instances to a 5 player instance -> boom 60 FPS again, ok i keep playing
another 30 minutes later i'm below 30 FPS again.

the instance still seems rather empty.
i beam up, and down again to the same instance -> 60 FPS.

what the hell is going on with that map?

i also monitor my CPU + GPU load with the Logitech G15 LCD display + AIDA64 (formerly known as Everest).

FPS <30 = GPU Load @ 40%
FPS =60 = GPU Load @ 99%

CPU Load is in both cases around 20 - 30%
looks to me like it is only running on one core and then limiting the GPU, but that doesn't explain why it does 60FPS without problems and then slowly drops lower and lower.

i'd say there is a MEMORY LEAK somewhere.

is anyone else experiencing this?

and of course because people will think it's my system

Core i5 2500K QuadCore @ 4,6GHz
GTX 460 (1GB vram version)
8GB Ram

another thing about Nukara is the amount of Lootbags that drop and people don't pick up.
it looks ridiculous, and my F finger hurts from picking up all that loot all the time
could we please have a proper auto loot function that picks up the loot instead of dropping it to the ground? (at least if the player is in range?)

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