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Lafamilia is bursting onto the grand stage of STO's many fleets with a new era in STO: Season 6 - we have triggered construction of Fleet Holdings, and are the star of the stage with our Starbase reaching Military T1 already, and Engineering on approach. It is our home port in the vastness of space; it represents the kind of fleet we are and who we are as members.

To increase our level, we must undertake construction projects through the Fleet Advancement system, which has a variety of projects. As we do this, we unlock new Starbase enhancements, access new Operational Assets, and add brand-new, ultra-rare items to our Fleet Store, including new starships, equipment and uniforms. We intend to skyrocket ahead in the Military, Science or Engineering tracks, building our Starbase to bolster its size and facilities to the maximum. We all choose which projects to undertake, creating a customized progression that focuses on what's important to us.

Prepare yourself by checking the Fleet's "Events" tab for current project requirements!

Commodities and purchasable items for these projects can be bought at certain vendors as well as on the Exchange. Occasionally, you may encounter "Rare commodity" and other "item" supplying Duty Officer assignments in many areas. For example, if you've depleted your supply of colonists, try doing the "Resettle Colonists" DOff mission which is available pretty much anywhere in Sector Space. Be on the look out for these great assignments! Look into ones that supply you with rare commodities, and if something is a random item ("special item"), check the forums/stowiki.org or ask in the fleet chat to see what others have got! It can be very profitable...
Don't worry if you stock up on too much commodities or other items; simply save them for the next project.

(If you are unfamiliar with the duty officer system, please check out this webpage. If you have more questions feel free to ask)

Join with other Lafamilia soldiers and other players for all-new events. Defend a Starbase from an attack in a 5-player Fleet Alert, or fight our enemies in a new, 20-player Fleet Action. In other 5-player events, you?ll save freighters from a blockade or search a dark, Starbase cargo hold for saboteurs. In all of these scenarios, you?ll earn Fleet Marks that you can use to help our Fleet advance.
These events are available from the PvE queue at any time, and provide bonus rewards if played during the hourly Fleet events found in the Mission Journal (default key "J").
New missions and events designed specifically for max-level players introduce more challenges, end-game content, and rewards for the most experienced Star Trek Online captains. In the "No Win Scenario," your team must defend a single freighter from increasing waves of deadly enemy ships. The rewards increase the longer you can last, but do you have what it takes to survive?
For "Colony Rescue," you'll travel to a former Federation colony on the edge of disputed space. Federation diplomats dispatched to this forsaken world are in trouble, and the colony itself is under attack. Land a small team and secure the area. But do you want to free the diplomats ? or capture them?
These events are available from the PvE queue at any time, and provide bonus rewards if played during the hourly Fleet events found in the Mission Journal (default key "J").
Note* I encourage everyone to do these missions with other Lafamilia members, however the queues will create random PUGs (pick-up groups) if you don't have enough people to start a pre made team. Feel free to ask in the Fleet chat if anyone would like to join you!

I welcome your questions, so please send me a /tell @ZackerySS.

If you have any questions, concerns or wish to discuss Season 6 (or anything else) please post below and I will add to this post. Again, I welcome your questions, so please send me a /tell @ZackerySS.

General/Brief Resource:

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