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Hello! I'm Commander Dantastic, First officer of U.S.S. Starchaser.

The Fleet
We're a small fleet which, until season 6, was mostly roleplayers trying to seek out new and interesting forms of exploiting our creative nature. All of us pretend to be part of the same crew though more recently some have chosen to simply be friendly ships. Our BOFFs are fleet members, our foundry missions star fleet members, and more recently we added a Wikia!

The Motive
Our first Starchaser ship was an assault cruiser, it it was destroyed at the end of our Season 2, and for Season 3 we picked up a variant on the Armitage Carrier... While our Assault Cruiser used the Prometheus bridge, Starchaser~II feels it needs something a bit more, so Captain Rahhmi and I have entered ourselves into the realm of 3d modellers producing star trek fanart instead of earning those fleet credits we should probably be getting.

The Inspiration
My favorite bridges are Galaxy, Prometheus, and Odyssey... so this bridge is loosely based on them. Many parts are untextured and might be totally redone, as this is the second layout we're working with. Regardless... about 6 hours in.

The Visuals
  1. Full Gallery (Which might be updated by now)
  2. From the Back
  3. Behind The Command Area
  4. Next to Command area
  5. Bridge Location Exterior Reference Shot (From Ingame)

The Trivia
For anyone paying close attention, Yes! That is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System sitting in front of the main viewscreen. We fully intend to find our own ways of personalizing this ship beyond simply adding tribble piles everywhere as we do ingame.

The disclaimers
Note: The only content created by Cryptic Studios is the logo in front of the captain's chair, though the rest was obviously inspired in part by them. The Exterior shot of the Starchaser~II is obviously from ingame. Props to the art team!

The Future
Until 3dMax inevitably corrupts the file or the hard drive crashes, We'll add to this project as long as it remains amusing. We have ideas for various locations within the ship, but it's unknown how far we'll take it. If the forum here leaves an interesting response then I'll update this post.... or you could just watch Facebook or find our fleet ingame.

- @DanWaigand
- @Rahhmi
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07-17-2012, 05:56 AM
The Tribbles are going to be quite happy with this bridge and it's reflections... Yes yes yes. =)
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07-17-2012, 05:58 AM
I appreciate your work, but must admit, I prefer the Defiant Style Bridges on Escorts.
The Galaxy Class Interior looks nice on screen and is perfect for photoshoots but rather crappy for combatsituations.
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Originally Posted by thoroon View Post
Defiant Style Bridges on Escorts.
Starchaser~II, as we roleplay it, is more a carrier than an escort. It also leans toward cannons over torpedoes. Immediately at the captain's disposal, and almost in smacking distance are 8 stations... About as many as the odyssey.

This is still combat effective for a stafleet ship, especially considering that it can be functional in canon when controlled by one person from the captain chair's arm. Though... it's arguable that the wings attaching the nacelles on most trek-ships aren't the least bit efficient.

With addional photonic interface that could no doubt project right in front of the captain's chair, not to mention that theoretically ship ai could automate functions and a realistic control method would be one person controling it similarly to a videogame itself... combat efficiency becomes less and less important in a realistic physical sense.

Ops, Nav,
logistics, science
Captain, first officer, Specialist
security, tactical (behind captain's chair?)

some additional planned options as well including carrier control.. convenient weapons storage and computer access. a transporter in the rear (not built yet) like odyssey...

Originally Posted by thoroon View Post
The Galaxy Class Interior looks nice on screen and is perfect for photoshoots but rather crappy for combatsituations.
I wasn't specifically mimicking the galaxy Class beyond "the horse shoe". Also worth noting that As of TNG, 3-5 phaser/disruptor shots would result in a warp core going critical or a ship exploding.

...The outer shell is based on the exterior of the ship we're using, which actually has the giant wrap-around window. This is simply something that fits within that space.
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07-17-2012, 06:50 AM
Originally Posted by thoroon View Post
rather crappy for combatsituations.
Arguably, the most efficient bridge design is a holodeck that allows users to switch bridge types on a moment-to-moment basis, utilizing something akin to "desktop themes".
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07-17-2012, 01:17 PM
Nice job I must say. Though if I may, I would recommend Blender 3d. Much better than 3ds Max in every way possible.

So inhumane superweapons, mass murder, and canon nonsense is okay, but speedos are too much for some people.

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