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07-17-2012, 12:18 PM
my tac toon uses it with great affect. It can tank but with fighters and dual heavy cannons it can dps very well. all you really need to get use to is the slow turn rate......SPACE WHALE!
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07-17-2012, 12:37 PM
It always kills me when my KDF character is hanging around at DS9 and Federation players rag on the Atrox / Catian carrier that it is a "P.O.S" craft. Alot of people just can't figure out how great the carriers are in the game.

Now, I don't fly the Atrox, but I do have the Vo'Quv which the Atrox is very, very similar to. The basic design leanings between the two ships is that the Atrox leans towards more Science (SCI Cmdr, LtCmdr and Lt TAC BOFF slots) compared to the Vo'Quv (Cmdr, Lt with LtCmdr TAC BOFF slots). The rest is fairly comparable.

The hangars also give you alot of options for combat. Control, damage, support, whatever, you name it, it can be highly affected by the hangar craft you decide to bring. There's lots of good options out there, and if you choose to get the carrier, I suggest getting all the normal hangar craft you can purchase and seeing what you like. Do that before blindly getting advanced versions that cost dilithium.

In PVP, Carriers are a powerhouse and battles seem to revolve around them. A well played Carrier is a huge difference maker, and a player that knows what they're doing can be a total pain to the opposition. I've seen many users from either faction make their Carrier hold up to tremendous pressure to give teammates alot of freedom to work.

In PVP, I'm actually kind of surprised there isn't as much Atrox users out there. Compared to the KDF playerbase who have had original Vo'Quv carrier access and the Kar'Fi, we have alot of players that love them. I would have figured there would be alot more to be seen with the Fed playerbase since they wanted the Carrier so bad.

Anyways OP, a Sci or Eng should really feel at home on a Carrier. If you want to mess with top end Sci abilities, the Atrox will let you do it while still use a rugged ship with immense options in combat.
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07-17-2012, 12:44 PM
i am a tac officer and i got the atrox. at first i did not like it, but i gave it another try and now really enjoy it. typically i spend about 50/50 between escorts and cruisers, but now use the atrox quite a bit.

i use tetryon dual beam banks and beams with a few heals; tac team, extend shields and hazard emitters. this set up works great in CSE and some of the new season 6 missions where heals come in handy.

i prefer the danube runabouts in the hanger (tried them all and swear by danubes). once you get the hang of commanding the hanger ships you can be quite effective in any situation.

at first i was too aggressive in this ship (this ship does not turn the best for sure) and did not make good use of the hanger ships. now i play a little more relaxed and let the danubes do the work.
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07-17-2012, 08:39 PM
Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
Anyways OP, a Sci or Eng should really feel at home on a Carrier. If you want to mess with top end Sci abilities, the Atrox will let you do it while still use a rugged ship with immense options in combat.
This is exactly what I was thinking. I've already figured out I do best tanking and healing. I've been able to put cruiser teamates back in it when they were about to blow in CSE. I already fly the freebie oddy, so I'm used to a slow turn rate, and use it's bulk to help me survive. So yes, I thought if I want to try a carrier, the heavy hull will still help me survive ALMOST just as well, and I'm already used to the slow turn.

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