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*Soulfire Consortium is a fun, heplful fleet. Currently medium sized, we looking for people who like to have fun and group up for FA's and 5 man content. looking for all lvl's and experience, we have knowledgeable people and a website full of gameplay information. At the moment we're PVE, but not opposed to PVPers or helping out in that department. Ventrillo voice chat also available.

We have plenty of room for advancement and growth. Infact, you can gain the first two ranks really easily. first rank is gotten by applying on the website, second by being active on Ventrillo. After that just show your willingness to be helpful and put yourself out there by going above and beyond.

If your interested in checking us out, you can go to our website and apply:

Or look us up ingame:
@cleomouri - Fleet Owner
@ragev1rus - Leader
@ironhead1022 - Officer
@dafted12465 - Officer
@protoneous - Officer
@tdawg65 - Officer
@haspahn - Officer

Hope to see you ingame under the Soulfire's banner.

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