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# 1 STO Website issues
07-18-2012, 09:01 AM
I don't see anywhere in this forum where I can post non-game issues, so I'll post this here:

For some reason, ever since the merger of the STO website with the PWE system, I only see images from the website (and forums) load part of the time. Mostly, I notice images in the devblogs fail to load, screenshot preview images in the screenshot gallery fail to load, but even in the STO forums sometimes (not all the time, but sometimes) the STO forum banner (the viewscreen shaped image that reads "forums") fails to load, and sometimes even the background image fails to load!

I thought it was an issue with my browser, so I switched from Firefox to Chrome, and it STILL has images failing to load!

I can see where the images are supposed to load, and if I right-click on them to open them up in a new tab in order to view the images themselves, I always get "Error 400: Bad Request" (meanwhile when the images do decide to show up I can open them in a new tab and still view the images fine).

I don't know where or how these images are being hosted now, but it definitely feels like viewing the websites and forums here have been an inferior experience than the system the STO website and forums were using previously.

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