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When I got on Tribble to test Season 6, I had 2k Cryptic Points for test purposes (I tried the MVA Prometheus and bought it later on Holodeck).
I deleted both characters for the klingone side and transfered them. Now I only have 1000 Zen Points.
Am I supposed to do with them something or are they just for skins, uniforms and inventory/bank/char slots?

I wanted to test the B'rel BoP and new sets for my actual klingone, but it costs 2k Zen Points (1,6k Cryptic Points). I need at least 1k more, but the Dilithium Exchange is not working and we are not allowed to spend money for tribble.

Are they going to increase our amount of Zen points, or do we have to live with 1k?

If they won't give us more, at least it would be nice if our actuall amount of Zen Points also get transfered to the tribble server.

I hope my english is good enough, to understand what I mean.
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07-18-2012, 02:46 PM
At your Home Shipyard is a console to buy ships for 0 ECs.
But I must admit I didn't use it for a long time.

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