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07-18-2012, 10:18 PM
To be honest. My fed toon has more than 7000 points of accolade and ran more than 400 STF. My ship according my mood is full antiproton or full phaser. And there is still players call me noob.
As klingon. Unfortunatelly I have not much point of accolades (only 4860, something like this) and I ran more than 300 STF. Because I'm running only fleet events and STF I don't think I would get more accolades.
As klingon or Federation I don't fail much STF. I'm not leaver, I'm not afker, I'm not griefer, I'm polite, so I teach player when they are nice and they need getting knowledge.
So then there is still players call me noob. And some gave me order to deinstall the game.
I really would like to know what the selection criteria to call someone noob.
Come back the topic.
Yesterday. CSE with PUG because people on eliteSTF channel don't want running CSE with me. They say I have not prerequisites.
We start. No one said something. Nothing!
As usually I went to the right. With a fed player we started kill nanite. I got killed by a raptor. We I respawn I checked the kang and noticed there was only one guy to protect the kang. I thought. Wow... Strange. I went on the right. 3 Bops. I fought with them. Finally because the guy was alone I stayed with him to protect the Kang. I'm sci. I healed the kang as possible until I was one shoot by raptor blow up. That's crazy. Blow up raptor can kill you but when you blow up you don't kill anything. Again an unfair cryptic rule.
When I respawn I noticed. One left. F*:c:*:ing leaver! And for 10 minutes the guy and me, we fought to save the Kang. After a while. One player killed a cube. But the third cube has still its nanites. Negh'var went. There was a flood of BOP I died and the STF failed total. We played for 15 or 20 minutes. No one talked in the chat! They got autistic behaviour and they ruined the STF.

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