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# 1 Tailor Bug
07-19-2012, 10:57 AM
As soon as I downloaded the new Season 1 TNG Uniform patch, I went to get it at SF Academy. I then went to the tailor at the academy. As soon as it opened up, I couldn't see anything. The screen was filled with random shapes and colors. It was a huge geometric mess. Then I left the tailor and some bugs carried over. All of the sudden everyones ears turned purple. I tried to beam to ESD but then I couldn't see ANYTHING. My screen looked like a 70's disco floor.

I'm also getting a new problem. There are black boxes all over the screen. Around all the text are also black boxes.

Here's what I see:
Link 01
Link 02
Link 03
Link 04
Link 05
I cannot play the game like this..

Confirmed Tailor Bug:
After a while I opened up STO again and the bugs were gone. I then went to the nearest tailor, and the visual glitches came back. So this is definitely caused by the tailors.

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