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07-08-2012, 04:25 PM
Overall I'm finding it quite fresh and enjoyable. My two main criticisms relate to respawn rate and team map instancing.

I assume the respawn rate is high because the instance cap is low - so, the Tholians that would be attacking you while mining (particularly patrolers) should be themselves under attack from other players on their own missions. Unfortunately, its not the best design once the population numbers go down.

The issue of having to have all your team get to the same instance is extremely tiresome. Granted, this is a result of high populations in low capacity instances and should fix itself later on - but for the moment its appallingly tedious. I had hopes that the map transfer popup would remedy this i.e. when one team member runs into either of the hard mission locations it pops up a transfer option for the rest of the team to join them in that same room - but this doesn't seem to work very well at all.

Aside from those two points, I think the mission dialogue and reason for doing things is quite well explained. I particularly enjoy the interior Hard defensive mission. I really like the environments and the style and behavior of the Tholians.

* I will also say that I have been experiencing many bugs - such as kills not registering - but they are clearly unintended.
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07-08-2012, 04:54 PM
I guess I did want to point out one thing in specific. If you're going to force the mining mini-game on us, please, don't make it so we can be 56 seconds into it, then lose all the crystals because we're shot.

Interrupt the game, fine. But let us keep what we've already mined.
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07-13-2012, 08:18 AM
good place to send a novice player to gain some expirence and stop them doing peoples heads in turning up to the others ground missions badly equipit send em there first coz its easier like you said. I rekon its a good idear plus there are yougsters who play the game that are just not as good players as some people are you need a balence of hard and easy or cryptic won't get or keep there wide customer range. not having a go just remember you lot are probably veteran at this game i know it'll sound funny to u guys but there are people finding the other ground missions to hard even on normal lool
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07-13-2012, 10:21 AM
AFAIK, you DO keep what you've mined when interrupted by Tholians. But the score shown on screen isn't the number of crystal shards you've earned....

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07-13-2012, 10:51 AM
am i missing something, or are we not fighting the tholians in space? i only had a quicklook at some new things today, so i could be asking stupid questions, i was looking forward to tholian webs etc lol
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07-17-2012, 11:24 PM
You can fight the Tholians in space as part of the fleet starbase thing. The single missions with the Tholians in space aren't available yet.

I have a question of my own--Is there a list of the loot we can get doing these Tholian ground grinds? (I've been playing quite a bit but I mostly get EV suits.)

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07-19-2012, 02:48 PM
I played through the missions on the test weekend and the only problem I ran into was the gate missions and the generators not re-spawning in a decent amount of time or at all and had to jump around instances just for chances to catch some.

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