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07-19-2012, 05:49 PM
Hakaishin, you are totally right - this build is awesome and the ship isn't for everyone.

so i did enough of those dumb surveys for free zen and bought a dread. previously, I've been flying a fleet escort (took me awhile to realize that just b/c you have a good build, doesn't make you a good player). anyway, finally feeling like i got my game together and used that free zen to buy the dread.

shes a beast - no doubt about it. i followed your strategy as best i could (using the tricobalt) given the lack of insane amount of energy credits to buy your weapons, i used what i had from STFs to get all the Borg stuff.

My top moment was definitely in PvP - a MVAE was trying to dance around me and keep out off my "broadside". but i listened to your build and went cannons/turrets - the 180 degree firing arc, awesome - he didn't see that coming. best of all, hit evasive maneuvers and used some of my fleet escort work to spin around in time to lance/tricobalt him. dropped em fast. no doubt, shocked him silly.

overall - this is a great build for a beast of a ship. i need to take time to truly learn and appreciate it this. i miss by amazing turning rate often, but when you get that awesome 1 shot, its great. this ship takes practice though regardless of the build - be ready to work with it, but I can see how its worth it!

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