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Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
As long as we are on the subject of dead bodies I thought I would complain about there being only 1 model available--does this bother anyone else? Because it bugs the hell out of me. It would help greatly if the other lying down models could have their animations turned off or if there were simply a "dead" animation that would use the random ones activated briefly where a mob member is killed.
Technically there are two animations because you can use both "Lie Flat Front" and "Sleep Lying Down". Even though it's called sleep, for all but one or two models the animation is completely motionless (in fact the only one I know of that moves is the AlienGen Starfleet officer).

I agree that there should be straight-up dead or unconscious poses (if they don't want to call it "dead" it could just be called "Lying Motionless". More animations is not at the top of my list because the two different animations we have allow for some variety and generally you're not going to be placing hundreds of bodies right next to each other so it's completely obvious. Simply by changing the orientation of the bodies you can create the sense of them not all being exactly the same.

On a slightly interesting side note, take a look at "dead" enemies. If you look closely you can see their eyes are still moving, so I guess we all have our weapons set to stun by default.

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