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Hey guys,

My two favourite Federation starships have always been the Enterprise-D and Voyager. I was absolutely delighted a while back when CapnLogan personally saw to the Galaxy-class' model issues, which resulted in the (near perfect) in-game representation that we have now.

The Intrepid-class, however, has had multiple adjustments over the past year or so, but still has some really glaring issues. I'm glad the the most annoying ones were sorted out, such as the impulse engines being where the rear torpedo launchers are and the Bussard collectors being totally wrong.

Anyway, here's a quick list of the significant remaining inaccuracies. While some of them may seem like tiny errors, I think the Intrepid deserves the same kind of final makeover that the Galaxy got. Each has a linked screenshot labelled 'Show' and 'Game'.
  • Saucer underside - rather than having a neat single bulge, the game version has a two-tiered bulge that looks rather messy. Show | Game
  • Central defector dish should be slightly higher up, a minor but very noticeable error. Show | Game
  • Side profile: saucer edge is a little too thick and could do with being rounded more, nacelle warp field emitter grills (the blue bits) are a little too thick as well. Show | Game
  • Upper hull: I realise there are some limitations here due to the game's changeable ship part system, but the windows either side of the spine are inaccurate and the general shape of the upper hull needs streamlining. There are also too many windows! Show | Game
  • Lower hull: missing some details, windows and escape pods in the wrong places. These images also highlight the horribly wrong saucer underside. Show | Game
  • Aft: again, the rear of the ship needs reshaping and the mess hall windows could be done much better. The impulse engines also need a split across the middle, along with other little differences. Show | Game

I must point out that I do understand there are polygon count limitations (and other factors) in this game, so a perfect model is not possible. Most of the above, however, could easily be fixed within the capabilities of the game's engine, much like was done on the Galaxy.

It's just frustrating for me to see the in-game Intrepid. She's repeatedly had minor edit after minor edit, creeping closer to an accurate model, yet the most obvious issues have been neglected.
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07-20-2012, 04:13 AM
You have to remember that the Voyager Intrepid was commissioned in 2371 and in the game it is now 2409. Some changes may have been made over the years imo.
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Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
You have to remember that the Voyager Intrepid was commissioned in 2371 and in the game it is now 2409. Some changes may have been made over the years imo.
I know that's the excuse made for many inaccuracies in this game, but I don't buy it. Sounds like a cop-out to me!

In all the shows (and films) that have shown old starships, e.g. Excelsior-class in DS9, the appearance of vessels hasn't really changed. Very minor alterations may have taken place in refits etc., but nowhere would such drastic differences as those described above take place.

There's also the important fact that when players choose a Galaxy or Intrepid etc., they're usually aware that it's an example of an old 'classic' design that was probably built in the 2360/70s. The actual construction of such vessels would have been phased out by 2409, judging from canon Federation history.

In summary: the majority of people want their favourite ships from the show to look like they should, not some apparently modified version that was introduced decades after the original production run.

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