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Am I the only one that sees a conflict between the use of "fighter" type craft by the Federation?

Fighters (or any smaller craft carried by Carriers) are meant to be disposable resources to take the fight to the enemy. I say disposable, because a fighter simply won't live long against anything larger than a frigate, and isn't likely to make it back to the Carrier alive after the fight.

The Federation believes that all life is equally important, no life is "disposable". Whereas the other factions do believe that some lives are more valuable than others.

I can see the Klingons and Romulans using fighters or smaller "disposable" craft in war; but I would argue that the Federation (if it has Carriers) would equip them only with unmanned drones.

Small difference, I know, it would only take a small amount of rewording to affect this change; but I think it would fit the philosophy of the Federation much better.
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