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# 1 Timelords Fleet Welcomes All
07-20-2012, 06:01 PM
TimeLords Fleet

A Quick History
TimeLords was created back on the forum boards of the currently paused Star Trek: Infinite Space MMO, on April 17th 2011. Slowly, but in a steady way the core of the Fleet (Admirals and Senior Officers) established itself. We got administrators for the 'paperwork', artists for web design and signatures. Online presence was crafted: website, forums, blog.

We looked forward to jump start with ST:IS. Sadly, about November 2011 ST:IS development got paused (some would say cancelled) and while we still keep a look at it, by the end of the month the Fleet switched focus for Star Trek Online.
With the Early Access Event (Entry for earlier suscribers while pre-F2P) of STO, our STO In-Game Fleet was finally founded on January 7th 2012.

Chain of Command
Our chain of command is quite simple - it works like a Roman Senate. We have 4 Admirals that will work out the options submitted by the Fleet Members and a Fleet Admiral, who holds the position of a consul, able to veto any decision that might endanger the fleet.

What can we possibly grant you?

-A laid-back community with lots of fun, even during server maintenance.

-Senior members from East Europe and West America & Canada to watch over the fleet almost 24/7 at our sites and forums.

-Both casuals and hardcore players are welcome.

-Fleet ranks and a commendation system.

-Community support/in-game help

-Fleet magazine "The Promenade"

-Teamspeak 3 server for use; not mandatory.

-Internal fleet jobs that suit you.

-And a good time

-Follow the rules and code of conduct.

-Try to help other fleet members.

*To join the fleet you need to apply on our forums.

Thank you for visiting and give our fleet some consideration. I can personally assure you that you won't be disappointed should you join.

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