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07-13-2012, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by badname834854 View Post
In keeping with canon and/or to make it easier to add into the current ship lineup, they should call it "Ambassador-Class Frigate"
Seriously?! LOL

The Constitution-Class was a Heavy Cruiser LOL (check WoK or SfS consoles). So jump ahead 50-60 years (20 years before Galaxy-Class). This ship would be considered of the same type or equivalent. Not sure if Exploration Cruiser replaced the Heavy Cruiser at that time. NEXT: Wesley Crusher in fact called the Enterprise-C a Cruiser in Yesterday's Enterprise; "But that cruiser was destroyed (over) twenty years ago."

And yes the latest news in a Podcast was a story release in Season 7. Two costumes, the Enterprise one and the Probert Concept version. To be fair, I would rather this ship replace the Dakota/Cheyenne/Stargazer, then have a retrofit (Probert Concept) for Tier 5. Makes more sense with all the Excelsior's running around and it being smaller than the Galaxy.
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07-20-2012, 03:26 PM
Agreed they need to give it to us seriously how long do we have to wait theyve given us all the real ships besides it and a ton of fake ships never seen on any series or movie fake is oddy and those ones
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07-20-2012, 04:19 PM
Originally Posted by captainkirk300 View Post
Agreed they need to give it to us seriously how long do we have to wait theyve given us all the real ships besides it and a ton of fake ships never seen on any series or movie fake is oddy and those ones
not the old ' its not on screen it doesnt exist ' argument again
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I am hopeing that when she make it onto the scene that she is the much needed tactical cruiser that we have been needing for so long.
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I wouldn't mind seeing the Ambassador class myself. But I think it needs to be able to stand on it's own. It needs to be called like an 'Enhanced Heavy Cruiser', Armored-Heavy Cruiser, or a 'Super-Heavy Cruiser', something like that.

I think it oughta be what the Excelsior isn't, or something along those lines. Like the Excelsior is a testbed for a fully functional transwarp drive, hence why it is an 'Advanced Heavy Cruiser'.

To me, the Ambassador has always felt very solid and rugged. Not quite out of the normal shapes and lines of the old shows, but not quite into the smoothness we know of TNG. A ship that could really take a pounding, and I think that the Ambassador should follow that, so it isn't basically an Excelsior copy or re-skin.

For a tier 3, it'd look good like...

Lt. Cmdr engineer, Lt. Tac and Sci, Ensign universal. 3 and 3 weapons slots. Base stats, similar to the other heavy cruisers, but more base hull. 800 crew, plus 5 to all power. If it comes with anything special, it should be something like this:

Enhanced Deflector Array - Universal Console: A bonus to Structural Integrity which is dependant on the ship you are in (as in, a smaller ship gets a smaller bonus), some science ability bonuses (mostly to shields), an efficiency based bonus to aux power.

At tier 5...

4 and 4 weapons slots of course, 800 crew still, 39500 base hull, plus 5 to all power still. Turns better then the Galaxy, but not as well as the Excelsior.

Console layout would be 5 engineering, 2 sci, 2 tactical

BOFFs are...Cmdr. Engineer, Lt. Cmdr engineer. Lt. Sci, Lt. Tactical. Ensign Universal

Console might be...(Unsure of name) Adds a bonus to hull plating and armor reinforcements, even further structural integrity, etc. Only usable on the retrofit of course.

My thought about this is that it is meant to be an older ship, upgraded, without being a total copy of other cruisers. I have the universal slot, in order to help keep that. Like the Expo retrofit has an ensign engineer, you can run that if you want, or ensign tac like the Sovereign, or an ensign sci like the star cruiser.

I think of it as a ship totally meant to take a licking and still be grinning even as a tactical cube bears down on it. At the least, I'd buy the tier 3 with that deflector console just to boost hull strength on a ship even more, especially a cruiser.
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07-20-2012, 11:24 PM
Leave the Amby where it deserves to be. A forgotten memory, if by mistake they do put it in the game put it where it belongs a tier 3 after the Excelsior but before the Galaxy class with 4 stations and six consoles.

Personally I think it would be a mistake as they really had a dismal battle record, the first Enterprise to be lost in battle at the hands of the enemy.
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if that's the case the excel should no longer be a T5 and be down graded to a T3 only

same with the cheyenne can't have that at T5 either

also the Original Enterprise NCC-1701 was the first to be lost in battle over the genesis planet. yes kirk blew it up but it was still lost in battle to the enemy do to it being to damage to fight back

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07-21-2012, 11:15 AM
The special console for the Ambassador Class should be a power where for X amount of time the ship can turn ON A DIME. Just as evidenced here at 52 SECONDS..........

The Devs should use canon footage when determining which special power to give Ambassador and I think this power fits the bill completely. Also, it would finally give players a cruiser a turn rate that doesn't totally suck.
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Those Quad-Engine abominations should be called Frigates. Stargazer and Reliant seemed like they were both built for the same kinds of duty. The Ambassador Class (and a couple of more modern tech skins) should go into the Cruiser Tier left vacant by that move.
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I (believe) if the Devs do give Ambassador the turning power (as mentioned above) ^^^ then it will fit nicely into the game. It seems a rather large group of players want a cruiser with a turn rate that doesn't suck. Many of them likely were/are not fortunate enough to get a Galor Class. I think Ambassador in this role would really be a nice addition into the game.

Better even, if there are different variants (Probert drawings), TNG yesterday's Enterprise design, etc. then there's even more room to make minor tweaks here n' there.
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