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If you don't like it then just use your imagination, theres no need for dev involvement in this issue.

Simply pretend they're drones.

Alternatively you could pretend that the pilots get beamed into a 'black box' pattern buffer that's ejected on catastrophic failure and are extracted and beamed back aboard the ship when the fight is over and the shields are down (heck the shows don't even always follow that rule, so they could even be transported directly back to the ship during combat).

Another idea could be that they are piloted, but by people onboard the ship communicating with the fighters using a similar system to the prometheus' automated MVAM.
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07-21-2012, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by jafobss1701 View Post
All Pilots of fighter are Redshirts with no last name. So they Have to die. Its in the rules!
You shall be remembered Ensign Ricky... What was his last name?
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