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So it was going on when I woke up yesterday, it was going on when I woke up tonight, it is going on when I got on today.

A bugged instance that people have no choice but to be dumped into because the system won't close it and PWE employees probably don't know about the problem or don't want to come in on the weekends to fix it, or don't know how to remotely connect and shut it down (telecommuting ftw).

Certain instances should automatically close themselves after a set amount of time.

Most normal STFs should be (at the very least) 60 minutes, elites should be 90 minutes or more, fleet defense, blockade, and alert shouldn't take more then 40, and I'm not sure about the others. But still, most of the time volume events should have some sort of timeout to compensate for when people bug them out (intentionally or not).

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