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WTF, seems ever since linking to my PWE account, it's been nothing but nightmares. I already posted in a few forums for the two days I was locked out after linking my accounts (guessing while the login server actually updated... understand there's probably a lot of account links going on, but that was just insane!), and how jacked up that got. Finally able to log in, and it's been a day, maybe two, and now suddenly I can't seem to stay connected. I can get in for 10-15 minutes at a time, get disconnected, then the launcher won't load either because it can't connect to patch/update server, or the launcher window loads but with a "This program cannot display the webpage" error... or get to entering game after entering username/password to have client-connection timeout. Before anybody says it's ISP/internet/bandwidth... I've done several speed tests, and am able to connect to several other online games at the moment with no issue.

Seems like when I was just logging in with only my Cryptic account, everything was running fine, virtually no lag, no issues, no problems, no disconnects. I've been back for almost two weeks, 75% of that was played via only my Cryptic account... just finished linking accounts after a two day lockout a couple days ago... and been nothing but a hassle since. I realize obviously that Cryptic is under the PWE umbrella, and linking would have eventually been required and all, and since they're both, I'd guess, on the same network now, it probably shouldn't matter which account you're using or is primary... just seems odd, that minus the overwhelming security measures to get back into the game was kind of crazy, even with my old Cryptic account, the game ran flawlessly nearly deserving a really high review-rating... since linking to a PWE account, it's like light to dark... where I almost have to ask myself, "am I still logging into the same game!? WTF happened!?".

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