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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Resolved an issue which prevented players from accumulating multiple injuries.
  • Exposed the true identity of Lieutenant Marrien's doppelganger on Starbase 39.
    • The phony Marrien's name has been changed.
  • Updated the audio in Starfleet Academy to fill in silent areas.
  • Updated the sound effects for the Tholian ground set.
  • The Galaxy X can now use the veteran ship material.
  • Resolved an issue that occasionally caused audio dropouts.
  • The Type 8 shuttle has been to the shipyard and been improved visually.
  • Players can no longer force Mek out of his chair.
  • Added several new Officer of the Watch missions.
  • Updated the signage for the Admin office turbolift on K-7.
  • The button text for the DS9 bank terminal has been updated to indicate it works for both Federation and KDF players.
  • Party popper FX no longer originate from a player's back when weapon are holstered there.
  • Set piece shield materials should now show up on all costume parts.
  • All Fire Suppression items are now in the left hand and you can still hold your main weapon in the right.
  • Updated the Foundry so the Draguas is no longer invisible.
  • Added new unholster animations for Batleth, Lirpa, and swords.

  • The console for Klingon Lore missions has been reactivated.
  • War Games: The bridge now displays properly on the map and minimap.
  • Spin the Wheel: Using the Beam to Ship/Abort button will now correctly progress the mission.
  • Hide and Seek: Increased the distance from which the player can scan the Enormous Asteroid.
  • Tear of the Prophet:
    • Updated dialogs so that entering combat will no longer prevent reading them.
    • There is now only one waypoint for Go to Cardassia Prime.
    • Using the transwarp to this mission now correctly puts the player outside Cardassia.
  • The mission window for Surly Secrets now includes an NPC portrait.
  • Friends in High Places: Updated the button text for the Chief Engineering Officer.
  • Rescuing Redshirts: Updated the mission text and object names.
  • Colony invasion: Dying colonists will now fade out properly after they expire.
    • This also resolves the issue with being able to rescue 4/3 colonists or more.
  • Tholian Invasion:
    • Updated location of the Tholian Technology report in the interior medium area that was previously hidden.
    • The acid pools will no longer hurt Tholians.
  • The Vault: The Material Analysis button during the Engineering sub-mission of Picking the Lock, will remain interactable after non- Engineers use it.
  • The Plesh Brek frigates in the Breen patrol mission will now spawn at the appropriate level.
  • Collateral Damage: added and updated waypoints for the Safe Passage sub-mission.
  • Asset Recovery: Added and updated waypoints for the Viral Solution sub-mission.
  • The New Link: NPC ships will no longer try to fly through rocks.
  • Tutorial: Updated the text for the Vega space area to match mission objectives.
  • Ghost Ship: Moved player starting location so the Warwick and enemy groups are further away.
  • Stop the Signal: Added waypoints for spatial charges.
  • Mine Enemy: The dialog with Madran can be reopened if it shuts because the player enters combat.
  • Under the Cover of Night: T'Par's freighter can now be scanned while the player is still moving.
  • Defera Borg Invasion:
    • Reunited a pair of Assimilated Priests that had been separated.
    • Interacting with Fabricating Turrets is no longer interrupted by taking damage.
    • Patched some holes in the ground that allowed Borg to fall through.
  • Minefield: The Rubidinum asteroids are now quicker to be destroyed.
  • Project Nightingale: Updated the player starting location so it's no longer possible to spawn inside a satellite.
  • Facility 4028: Lethean Prisoner is now slightly more resistant to physical attacks, as intended.

  • Updated the Tholian Set:
    • Tholian Ground Set 2 piece bonus can now be charged up by "Environmental" energy sources as well as Energy Weapons.
      • This includes Radiation, Toxic, Cold and Fire damage.
    • Tholian Ground Set 2 piece bonus buff now improves all damage, instead of just energy weapons.
    • Increased the upgraded set's chances of applying a buff from 33% to 50%.
  • Upgraded visual appearance of Hyper-compressed Cryo Launcher Mk XII.
  • Resolved an issue in which several ground AoE attacks were missing moving targets.
  • Ensured Klingon Cruiser NPCs do not launch bionerual warheads before level 40.
  • The energy drain debuff applied by Nausicaan Energy Leech no longer stacks between multiple entities.
  • IDIC Tribble: Updated item description to include a brief mention of what each profession-specific buff gives a player.
  • Updated Remodulators:
    • All weapon remodulators have had a short description added that will show up in shops, explaining that they overcome Borg adaptation.
    • High quality remodulators also have additional descriptions showing why they are superior to basic models.
  • Klingon NPC groups:
    • The version of Isometric Charge used by NPC ships has been tuned.
      • Initial hit damage was improved.
      • First jump damage is unchanged.
      • Second jump damage has been reduced.
      • Final jump damage has been significantly reduced.
      • This also affects Assimilated Klingon ships seen in the STF: "The Cure"
  • Duty Officer Downgrade assignments will no longer fail to start.
  • The following abilities should now automatically be added to your power tray when you receive them:
    • Quantum Slipstream Drive
    • Fleet Support
    • Miracle Worker
    • Engineering Proficiency
    • Engineering Fleet
    • Strike Team
    • Tactical Fleet
    • Scientific Aptitude
    • Science Fleet
  • Tuned the effectiveness of Shield Heal for Federation Fleet weapons, both Space and Ground.

  • Added the ability to block Fleet invitations.
    • This is in the social menu, under Privacy on the Search tab.
  • When the Mail and Exchange windows are open the inventory will gray out items that cannot be traded.
  • Mail:
    • Dragging a stack of items to mail will now prompt query the amount of the stack to mail.
    • The mail window will now display more detailed mail information when selected.
    • Mail is now sorted by date from newest to oldest by default.
    • The mail send button will no longer say that it's only possible to send mail to friends when no recipient has been specified.
    • The reply button will now only add "Re:" to the subject if the subject doesn't already start with it.
    • The mail subject will now display as much of the title as possible before truncating additional text.
  • Exchange:
    • Resolved an issue that prevented players from searching for Very Rare items.
    • The exchange price entry will now be cleared when the item is posted or cleared.
    • The exchange item popup will now include Passenger and Prisoner Duty Officers.
    • The Exchange will now prevent posting an item for more than the character's energy credit limit
      • 10,000,000 EC for silver characters.
      • 1,000,000,000 EC for gold characters.
  • Fleet:
    • Resolved an issue where sometimes the fleet details window would show information on the previously selected fleet
    • Players can now use their currently worn uniform as a fleet uniform.
    • The fleet minimum rank level selector will no longer cut off 10.
  • Chat:
    • Resolved an issue that prevented escape from being used to cancel chat.
    • Ultra Rare items linked in chat will now be colored violet.
  • Keybinds:
    • Added bindable commands for Set Focus Target, Select Focus Target, and Clear Focus Target.
    • Default keybinds no longer persist after re-assigning them.
    • Resolved an issue that prevented the keybind for toggling full impulse from working.
  • Ship store:
    • The filters in the Ship Store should now behave correctly.
    • The Klingon Ship Store now uses the Klingon rank pips.
    • The rank picker menu in the Ship Store now closes after selecting a rank.
    • Skill-Based Stats for Space are now also displayed with the ship info.
  • The status window will now refresh correctly when a Bridge Officer is discharged.
  • The map change message will no longer occur twice when changing maps.
  • The Mining minigame will now be titled Crystal Fragment Extraction when collecting crystal fragments instead of Dilithium Ore Extraction.
  • The outfit popup window no longer disappears immediately if previously used to change outfits.
  • The Bridge Officer commands added to the power tray will now have a tooltip indicating what the command is.
  • The Duty Officer UI layout has been improved.
  • Restored biological and technological distinctiveness to ship names in the ship chooser and character status sidebars.
    • The sidebars are now wider and resizable.
  • The throttle will now display "Transwarp 10.00" instead of "Warp 10.00".
  • Updated the Level 27 Science Commander Space Ability to indicate Scattering Field.
  • The Beam To Ship button will no longer say "Abort Mission" while on the tutorial map.
  • The Ship Tailor purchase button will now have a tooltip when you do not have enough Energy Credits or ZEN to purchase the costume change.
  • The map should no longer use the incorrect icon for some waypoints.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the stack count chooser popup to not display the correct item name.
  • Added tooltips to the back and play buttons on the character selector.
  • The tooltip on the button for creating a new Klingon character now correctly indicates that the ability to create a Klingon character is unlocked at Level 24.
  • Resolved an issue with zooming and changing species in the character creator.
  • The right-click menu for players now has the option to report the player to a GM.
  • The current position icon on the galaxy map will now be rotated to indicate current heading.
  • The crafting window will no longer confirm crafting of an item that can't actually be crafted.
  • The pinnable overview Duty Officer overview windows will now always remember their last position.
  • The inventory window will now automatically open when trading.
  • The Exchange, Bank, Stores, and various other contacts no longer close when opening the character window.
  • The slots in the account bank are now centered in the window, instead of being left aligned.
  • Fleet stores will now correctly indicate that it's not possible to buy from provisioned Fleet stores, when permission has not been granted for the current rank.
  • Comparison tooltips have been disabled only on equipped gear.
    • Comparison tooltips should still occur whenever hovering over a piece of unequipped gear.
  • The rewards window now indicates that Omega Force is unlocked at level 44.
  • Resolved a typo of "afford" when renaming a ship without enough energy credits.
  • Need Or Greed will now display tooltips on mouse over.
  • The Rewards window now indicates that Quantum Slipstream Drive unlocks at level 50.
  • The Duty Officer portrait now properly disappears when unassigning an active Duty Officer.

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