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Hi all,

Something I noticed after creating a new character tonight...the new item rarity colours mentioned in the July 19th patch notes (i.e., the gold colour for unique, changed colours for the Devidian Cane, etc.) don't seem to be retroactive.

When I claimed my Tribble of Borg, Rivera, and Radan tribbles from the ZEN store on my new character, they had the proper colours (all of them being unique). But when I checked the inventories (again)_ of my existing characters, the changed colours don't show.

I know this isn't a problem for the re-claimable things like the tribbles, but what about things like the Devidian Cane that can't be reclaimed? It's not like it's easy to get another one.

Anyone else having this issue, or is it a bug on my end?

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