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07-24-2012, 10:04 AM
Originally Posted by captan2er0 View Post
I can give it a go, but I don't have the capability of changing the emblem on the plaque with Photoshop elements. On that note, I have a friend I could ask who probably could change the emblem to one of the Alterate Reality ones. Just need to know which one. (I'm bad with which one goes where.)

Just a few technical things I want to ask on it. Any particular ship class?
Do ya want any specific colors on it in addition to a traditional plaque, like the ones above, or a marble one? And, are there any specific names you want under the sub headings? My defaults are names of people in my fleet but I have the original set of names my template had saved as well.

I posted a few earlier here in another Starship Plaque thread.
Galaxy Class, Badge, Could it be gold plated? And use the template names

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