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on my account i have more then one char.

say i purchase some ZEN on char A, then i purchase some on char B..

now i have a surplus of ZEN.. say 5000..

leaving that ZEN in the exchange balance i can withdraw that and use on both chars, yes?

now say a few days i need some dilithium on char A, so i sell off some ZEN.. oh but i cant, ulesss i withdraw the WHOLE amount of ZEN to that char

so now i withdraw all 5000 zen to char A, and sell off say 1000.. the dilithium will be in the exchange balance..

but can i log into char B and use the 4000 remaining ZEN? or is it stuck on char A and if not there needs to be a way to transfer ZEN to other characters on your account..
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07-24-2012, 07:36 PM
Zen is shared between all characters when withdrawn, no matter what. For your situation, you just need careful management:

You bought 5000 Zen, and now you have 5000 for both characters. If you withdraw it, you can sell part of it on Character A, AND sell part of it on Character B. You just gotta make sure you withdraw the Dil balance for Character A BEFORE you do the same for Character B.

This way, you get Dilithilum for both characters, but without accidently sending all of it to only one character.

Hope that helps.
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07-24-2012, 08:41 PM
i figured it out, after doing it, you get a withdraw all check box just uncheck it..
also if you do send all zen or dilithium to one char, just put up a bunch at a ridiculous price and then cancel it.. then it will go back in the shared account.

i guess it is fine the way it is

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