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07-25-2012, 03:07 PM
Okay, I've been trying to do the Fleet Alerts and Starbase Incursion accolades and have noticed a few things. I may be late to the party and these are common knowledge, but I thought it worth posting my observations anyway.

For the Fed Fleet Alerts, there seem to be seven enemies you can face. I have only fought three so far. As far as I can tell, they are all 10 points in the Event category.
--- Gorn Siege Breaker
------ Defeat each of the Gorn Named Ships in the Fleet Alert
--------- Ythannak
--------- S'terras
--------- Hekallss
--------- Menakk
--------- Yanss
--- Klingon Siege Breaker
------ Defeat each of the Klingon Named Ships in the Fleet Alert
--------- Tor'Dun
--------- Ogang
--------- Y'Hon
--------- Nagh'Sen
--------- Hunre
--- Orion Siege Breaker
------ Defeat each of the Orion Named Ships in the Fleet Alert
--------- Selenn
--------- Manara
--------- Dremken
--------- Kolari
--------- Ureon

The Orion one is bugged as you do not get credit for the ship you destroy. This seems to be a similar bug to the one reported above for the Federation Siege Breaker accolade.

There is also a General accolade you get for completing all seven sieges.
--- Siege Breaker
------ Defeat Named Ships in the Fleet Alert
--------- Borg Captains Defeated
--------- Gorn Captains Defeated
--------- Klingon Captains Defeated
--------- Nausicaan Captains Defeated
--------- Orion Pirate Captains Defeated
--------- Tholian Captains Defeated
--------- Undine Captains Defeated

As you can see, the text specifies "Captains" not "Named Ships". I believe there is a bug here too, as I certainly do not have a tick next to the Klingon line (the only Named Ships I have completed as yet). I have not managed to kill three Captains from the Starbase Incursion to test whether there has been another mix-up with names, events and accolades.

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