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I have found in the new fleet actions particularly the blockade and even in STF's, especially when pugging that as a Tac in an escort my DPS was sometimes worth nothing because I could not fire on enough targets at once and could not pull enough agro to prevent some weak starbase or freighter from dying. It may have been my skills or my build on that, I will be honest. But I find that the Galaxy retrofit makes a great fleet action runner for my Tac VA. I run the stardrive only. It is just a tank with slightly less aux and engine power, but because it moves so well I can actually GET to where I NEED TO BE, drop FOW2 and pull enough aggro and tank that aggro enough to keep those transports, starbases and Kangs from dying. Yes if there are few escorts I am in trouble because the Galaxy just won't put out the DPS without using all buffs plus Go Down Fighting... nevertheless to me it makes a good fast tank with extend shields on it.

3x phaser relay
2x of the consoles that increase max shields
2x neutronium
saucer sep, assimilated console

opinions please?
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07-24-2012, 05:36 AM
I think you can do the same in some tanky escort / science ship tbh. Once you blow up by some random torpedo crit, you will be flying a brick again.
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07-24-2012, 10:36 AM
well the galaxy only has 2 tac consoles so the most you can run in x2 phaser relays. even the fleet retro only has 2 tac consoles. but has 3 sci consoles

now if it's the galaxy dreadnought that will have 3 tac consoles so can run x3 phaser relays
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07-24-2012, 11:57 AM
Originally Posted by bigwig77 View Post
opinions please?
Not an opinion about cruisers, but a note:
Some enemy ships in fleet events only shoot at mission targets and ignore "aggro". Find and shoot those first and you'll be fine.
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07-24-2012, 12:37 PM
If you want to pound more targets at once and draw aggro in an escort you need two copies of Cannon Scatter Volley, and having a DOff that gaves a chance of reducing the cooldown on cannon abilities would be good too. A Buffed Torp Spread and a high-ranked CSV placed right should draw aggro from the enemies not intent on destroying the freighters. The problem then is staying alive with all that aggro...

That said, I think Blockade is one of the rare missions where cruisers and sci ships really are more advantageous to run. A heal boat to keep a freighter alive and spamming Fire at Will to draw aggro is pretty helpful. A Sci ship with a lot of shoving powers is as good if not better than than a ship just trying to kill everything.
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07-24-2012, 02:25 PM
um things you need as a tac escort

Tac team 1
FBP and or RSP

1st thing you need to do is drop tac team 1 on the freighter. this will focus shield on the side being hit

second pop Feed Back pulse or Reverse Shield Polarity along with Cannon Scatter Volley and Torpedo Spread. Once you get aggro take note of which ships stay focused on the freighter and prioritise them 1st. always drop fresh tac teams on the frieghter. once the ships focused on the freighter are dead, you could either take out the rest of the fleet or pop evasive manuvers and get away. The remaining ships will follow you and leave the frieghter alone. I did this on a mission where my team resuced 20 out of 24 ships.

* don't knock polarize hull + the reflect damage on polarize hull warp field DOFF
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07-24-2012, 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by trimenranger1 View Post
* don't knock polarize hull + the reflect damage on polarize hull warp field DOFF
That is fun when it procs, seeing a series of 'Immune' to energy damage hits is great.
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07-25-2012, 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by tom61sto View Post
That is fun when it procs, seeing a series of 'Immune' to energy damage hits is great.
Had that happen from my enemy on one of my decloak alphas... A fully buffed alpha with my DEM generally will take out at least 30% minimum of my enemy's hull even through RSP. Without it I've seen it spike beyond 150k dmg and 1-shot Oddys.

Direct hit at point blank, fully buffed... "Immune".

I'll admit, I nerd raged hardcore. Like... RAGE...
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07-25-2012, 07:23 PM
I run the new fleet missions in my Gal-R regularly.
It's one of the two ships I have the easiest time on, to be honest.
Blockade in particular.

FAW2 with 2 doffs for reduced cooldown and max starship threat keeps everything firing at me.
Tac Team, Ext shields, Aux2Sif, Hazards, and TSS for buffs on the freighters.

Once in range, it goes something like this...
Tac team and A2SIF on freighter. FAW to get aggro, so the freighter doesn't. Ext shields on freighter.
Keep throwing Tac Team and A2SIF when they're up.
Hazards and/or Transfer shields when necessary.

I very rarely lose a freighter, unless something goes horribly wrong.

Granted, maneuverability is a challenge. But, use the crap out of evasive and full impulse.
(when using evasive, use your engine power setting or an engine battery for much ZOOM!)
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