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# 1 Mouse Keybinding Issue
07-25-2012, 10:56 PM
I am currently having an issue with keybindings to my mouse.

I have bound my toggle mouse cursor look to my keyboard. Originally it was bound to my middle mouse press.

When I am fighting, I use my left and right mouse buttons. I think there may be some sort of proximity click issue because the mouse cursor will pop up. Thinking there may be something wrong with my middle mouse button I bound drag/press/click/everything to empty trays so they will try to activate those but do nothing that would otherwise cause combat issues.

It didn't work. The mouse cursor still pops up.

I have been doing some other testing and I swear it seems like the game "forgets" an item is no longer bound to a particular key.

I also noticed that in general combat the game ignores the fact I have it set to not fire on anything unless it is targeted. The scenario is two enemies - I target one and fire on it. It is close to dying and before the last beam leaves the weapon it does in fact die. The weapon however still discharges but on the other enemy whom I have yet to target. I have to then manually target the bad guy to keep firing on it. This is bad in that in some cases the other enemy is sufficiently far enough away that I have not aggroed him - but that last beam fires on the untargeted, unaggroed bad guy and now I am back in combat.


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