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# 1 Release Notes: July 27, 2012
07-26-2012, 05:46 PM

  • The Borg Invasion event is now always available.
  • The up arrow now works correctly with the chat suggestions list.
  • Klingon players in PvP maps should no longer see Federation blue UI and HUD.
  • The Fleet Advanced Escort now has discount applied if you purchased the Multivector Advanced Escort.
  • It is once again possible to delete mail.
  • The KDF Officer of the Watch mission Escort Dignitary to Starbase now works properly.
  • The exchange post price entry will no longer be cleared after posting an item.
  • Resolved several issues with Foundry republishing.
  • Added cooldowns to all easy and medium missions for both the Tholian and Borg invasions.
    • 15 minutes for Easy.
    • 30 minutes for Medium.
    • The 20h cooldown for Hard is unchanged.
    • Cooldown timer begins once you accept the mission.

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