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Hi there,
quick to the point:
Cant subscribe, couse payment isnt working.
Only payment options available for me (europe) are
onlinebanking/direct debit
no credit card.

i can get zen as much as i want from pwe store (for real money, direct debit etc), couse there it works.

I cant active my subscription, couse both the direct (online) debit function AND the paypal wont work.

Direct debit / online banking the page tells me theres an error i should try/enter another payment method.

paypal (with correct login and enough money) tells me that payment isnt possible and directs me back to cryptic/pwe homepage.

I want the sub active for the inventory slots and retrain tokens, couse its cheaper.
Was trying it for over a week now, hoping for the Homepage to get fixed.

Submit ticket isn't working, gives me a browser error "infinite loop",
no side opening to write the ticket.

So, since i cant subscribe, pay, or contact the billing support via ticket (damn FAQ doesnt help at all)

=> support, contact ME please !

=> fix the payment, it worked back then with cryptic-only.

I know , billing support isnt right to do in the forums so u can delete this.
--But i bet 50bucks, there are players with exactlky the same error+problems!
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07-27-2012, 05:40 PM
Back up email address to support is here:


Good luck to you.
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07-27-2012, 05:52 PM
Ah, thanks for that. No explicit "billing" contact, but hey, at least the
Why not just set those email stuff on the hompeage instead the forums.
Right above the FAQ for example.

What is the email adress to contact billing support without using the ticket function?
-Answer: ......@....com

thx ;-)

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